Host a viewing party for TEDxChristchurch 2013

Although TEDxChristchurch 2013 is sold out, we still hope you can join us on the day by hosting a viewing party! Whether it's two people in front of a computer or 100 people in a lecture hall, a viewing party is a great way to turn TEDxChristchurch into a shared experience, and is your opportunity to rally your community and start conversations on the many topics that will be explored at the event.

We’ll break a few times during the day-long conference—at those times, the webcast will be offline. These breaks are a great opportunity for viewing party hosts to plan activities for their guests. You can lead discussions on the talks you just heard, host a potluck of dishes made from local ingredients, or even have your own live speakers.

You can join one of the public viewing parties from the map below, or if you would like to host a viewing party, please just click here and fill out the form.


Viewing Party Rules
TEDx has strict guidelines for official viewing parties. TEDxChristchurch viewing parties must adhere to the rules below:

  • You must complete the registration form in order to register as an official viewing party for TEDxChristchurch 2013.
  • Parties must be free of charge to an audience of up to 100 people.
  • TEDx approves viewing parties of more than 100 people on a case-by-case basis. If you think your party will attract a crowd larger than 100 guests, contact kaila [AT] tedxchch [DOT] com and we’ll send TEDx an inquiry.


What time does the conference start?
The conference will begin at 10:00am and run until around 6:30 pm. Once the schedule is finalised, we'll be posting it on the website.

Do I have to show the whole conference?
The conference is best viewed as whole, but don’t worry—you can show just one or two sessions and still register as an official viewing party.

Is there a fee associated with hosting an official viewing party?
Official viewing party hosts do not pay dues or fees to TEDx or TEDxChristchurch and showing the webcast is free of charge.

What should I do during breaks in the webcast?
The conference will break for morning and afternoon tea and for lunch, at which point the webcast will be offline. The breaks are great opportunities to eat and discuss the talks you just heard. You could host a potluck and encourage your guests to bring dishes made from local ingredients, or ask a local café or restaurant to donate buffet-friendly dishes. In the wake of inspiring talks, discussions will flow easily, particularly over good food. But you can also ask local experts to lead discussions.